Our Services


Strategic Focus Areas

Afrimo Group differentiates itself from competitors because each of our services is inextricably linked to the delivery of the client’s core business objectives, with extreme bias to support to small scale business and organisations. This ensures that our services engage with the client’s strategy and have a demonstrable, positive impact on the business – accelerating its growth and enhancing its market position.

Afrimoh Group focuses on the following core competencies:

Marketing & PR Management

As creative partners, we focus on key areas for our clients – Branding, Marketing, and PR Content. Your brand is your most valuable asset. It’s your company’s personality – the very essence of who you are – and it lives in the minds of your customers. It doesn’t come from us. What we do is work with you to tell the clearest, most powerful story of how your brand is truly unique. We use proven strategies, the latest tools, and top-notch content and creative to get your brand real results. That’s what it’s like to work with Afrimo Group – we call it marketing from a brand perspective.

Training & Capacity Building

Afrimo Group incorporates capacity building & training through the support of professionals in humanities, commerce and engineering to design/create tailor made tools specifically for private and public institutions in the following areas:

Financial Administration & Supply Chain Management

Afrimo Group established market and business support to cater for an increasing demand for assistance by private and public institutions requiring advice and support in the following areas: